09 Jan 2024 | 7:43 AM

The Glophics Ball: Year End Party 2023


The time has come again to celebrate the biggest event of the year: The Glophics Year End Party. Today, we escape the hustle and bustle of office life and have fun together. The party has it all: great food, great entertainment, and a lot more. This year, we are going all out with the theme: Emulating the classic star magic ball. Similar to last year’s party, the employees of Glophics came in their Sunday best.

The party was held at the Quest Hotel on December 9, 2023. Before the party started, the employees were allowed to mingle and write down their names on the attendance sheets. They were also allowed to pick the table they wanted to sit in and were given numbers for the fashion show later on. Once everyone was present, the show was on its way.

The event started with a heartwarming message from the company’s general manager, Mr. Edgardo Enot. Once the rousing speech was over, Mr. Luke Gayo led the opening prayer, and the event was officially started.

The first thing on the to-do list was the much-anticipated fashion show. During this time, employees can show off their charisma and talents while walking down the ramp. The most impressive employees are crowned the stars of the night later on.

After the fashion show ended, it was time for everyone’s favorite event: dinner time. Quest Hotel prepared a delicious banquet for the employees, who enjoyed every piece of food that they got. The big dinner would prepare them for the next part of the program: Group presentations and entertainment. Each team is asked to create a unique and creative group name; hence, they never fail to amaze the crowd.

The first group to present was Team Kakuan from the morning shift. Incorporating all three aspects of singing, comedy, and dancing made them unique from the rest.

Afterwards, the group representing the web developers, Team Brucha De Tsong, came. For their presentation, they incorporated live violin playing into their routine, earning many points and praise from the judges.

Next came the marketing team, HREF. They started their presentation with something rather unique: a hand mime routine. With great props and a coordinated effort, they were able to impress the judges, followed by an exciting dance number that left quite an impression on the audience.

Right after a jaw-dropping presentation from the marketing, Team Y, representing the HR & Admin team, showcased their graceful moves while adding a bit of comedy. The team pulled off great moves that earned them loud cheers from the audience.

The team representing the night shift, Team Guk Forda Ye, showed something the other teams didn’t. The team went for a romantic comedy film featuring plenty of memorable moments.

And for the final performance was done by the Management Team, who showed up with a fun dance number.

After the excitement dies down, it’s finally time to play games. The employees are separated into three groups to play games that test their skills, knowledge, and capabilities.

After the fun and games were over, the performers and stars of the night were announced. Team HREF won the Glophics Got Talent Show, while Mr. Daryl Casimiro and Miss. Kerstine Basallo won Stars of the Night, respectively.As part of the celebration, special awards were given to the most punctual employee, the best in perfect attendance, mentioned in the reviews and those promoted in 2023. And, of course, the management remembered to recognize the loyal and dedicated employees who have been in the service of Glophics for 5 Years & 10 Years.

As the evening unfolded, anticipation reached its peak with the highly anticipated tradition of exchanging gifts among our team members and their Manitos and Manitas. The joy and excitement resonated throughout the room as everyone eagerly discovered their secret gift-giver and unwrapped the thoughtful tokens of appreciation.

We are looking forward to the next part in 2024!

“Cheers to the memories we’ve made, the challenges we’ve conquered, and the bonds that have grown stronger. As this year-end party fades into a cherished memory, let us embrace the new year’s possibilities with enthusiasm and unwavering teamwork.” – Unknown