26 Sep 2023 | 5:50 AM

Rewarding 10 Years of Services

A company isn’t just a place where you work and make a living; it is also a place where people come together to reach a common goal. One of the keys to building a strong and thriving working environment is loyalty, hard work, and dedication. Just like in our Jeju Island blog, we will give the spotlight to employees who’ve reached and celebrated their 10-year anniversary with Glophics.

Edgardo Enot

Edgardo Enot (General Manager) celebrated his 10-year anniversary on May 6, 2021

A decade of service is a remarkable achievement for any individual to have in a single company, especially in recent times. It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication each individual has to building up our company to become what it is today. These individuals are not just employees, they are the backbone of the entire office. Edgardo Enot, Marichu Alipar, Archel Lagenio, and Kerstine Basallo are all pioneers in our company. Thanks to their efforts, Glophics has managed to grow further than when it began.

Marichu Alipar

Marichu Alipar (Manager) celebrated her 10-year anniversary on November 14, 2021

As the pioneers of our company, these employees have been there since the very beginning, working together with our founders in order to expand and reach more people. Serving as the backbone of our company, these special individuals have not only helped the company grow, but the other employees as well. Many of the younger employees look to them for guidance in learning about the business and further improving their skills.

Archel Lagenio

Archel Lagenio (Sales Supervisor) celebrated her 10-year anniversary on October 27, 2022

To acknowledge and celebrate their 10-year milestone, Glophics wanted to do something extraordinary. Along with providing an all-expense vacation to Jeju Island, Glophics also gifted each person with a brand-new 50” Samsung television. We hope that these gifts will help them relax, unwind, and have a new work-life balance. Now, they can spend their time and leisure with their televisions.

Kertine Basallo

Kerstine Basallo (Marketing Team Leader) celebrated her 10-year anniversary on May 27, 2023

Of course, the decision to gift a brand-new television was not an arbitrary one. It was made with the intent of providing these employees with something that they use to sit back and enjoy in the comforts of their own homes. Glophics wished to express our gratitude for all of their hard work and encourage them to take well-deserved breaks and spend some quality time with their family members.

To all of our employees who’ve stayed with us for a decade or even longer, we want to say thank you. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your passion, commitment, and efforts towards making our office a better place. The loyalty not only helped Glophics grow but also shaped the culture of the office. We hope that our tokens of gratitude will help repay all of the things that you have given us over the years. You are truly remarkable people and we look forward to another 10 years with you.

We are excited to offer this gift, along with the vacation trip, to every employee who has the same dedication to building Glophics into a better company. We look forward to the next batch of people who’ll receive these awards from us. Let’s all continue to work together to reach our goals and attain new heights.