22 Sep 2023 | 12:42 AM

Team Building 2023 – Cebu A+ Pool Villa, Lapu – Lapu City

Summer has come to Glophics once again and we are celebrating in the heat of the sun together. For this year’s team building, the team went to a hidden paradise on the Island of Lapu, Lapu City on August 19, 2023. Cebu A+ Pool Villa is a newly opened vacation spot that the employees of Gloplics had the privilege of using. Being one of the first guests at the villa, the employees felt honored to have spent their day in such a wonderful place.

Before we talk about the activities and program itself, let’s talk about the amenities found at Cebu A+ Pool Villa. When you first enter the property, you’ll be greeted by the main attraction: The Pool. This pool is large enough for the entire family to enjoy! You can also enjoy spending time on the patio near the pool. If you’d like some fun indoors, the villa has a Karaoke machine in the main building. You can sing your heart out. If you plan to spend the night, the rooms have all of your needs and come with complementary supplies.

Now, let’s go back to the team-building action. The first thing on the agenda was, of course, the opening prayer and message. Ms. Marichu Alipar, manager at Glophics, delivered the speech. Once that was finished, the games were on.

After the groups were decided, a round of Pinoy Henyo, a popular guessing game was played. Due to the heat, only a single round was played. Next came something that everyone was looking forward to: Lunch. A wide range of delicious food was provided along with plenty of drinks to stave off the fierce summer heat. Everyone took their time to savor the delicious meal prepared.

The second game made use of the villa’s pool. Teams played a version of the relay in the pool. Each team needed to fill up a bottle with water. Said water needed to be carried across the pool while the swimmer held it with their mouths. After a tight race, the 4th group managed to come out on top.

The third game requires players to think quickly and resourcefully. It was a game of the longest line. This game requires players to use the items they have on hand to form a line. The team with the longest line by the end wins. In this game, the 4th group managed to overcome the 3rd to become victorious in their second game in a row.

The final game was a battle of wits and talent. Each team had to come up with a presentation to woo the judges. After a wild chorus of cheers and laughs, it was the 1st group that managed to bring home the grand prize.

After all the games were done, the program was over! But that didn’t mean the event was over. Employees were now free to swim and mingle with their coworkers. This event gave newbies a perfect chance to meet their seniors in the company and see what they were like up close!

And that’s the end of the blog. Look forward to next year’s team-building blog as well. We guarantee it’s going to be a good one.